Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Definitions

Sportgoats, located at Klopperman 53, 2292 JE Wateringen, Chamber of Commerce number: 89113896, is referred to as the seller in these general terms and conditions.
The other party of the seller is referred to in these general terms and conditions as the buyer.
The parties are seller and buyer together.
The agreement means the purchase agreement between the parties.

Article 2 - Applicability of general terms and conditions

These conditions apply to all quotations, offers, agreements and deliveries of services or goods by or on behalf of the seller.
Deviation from these conditions is only possible if this has been expressly agreed in writing by the parties.

Article 3 - Payment

The full purchase price is always paid immediately in the webshop. In some cases a down payment is required for reservations. In that case, the buyer will receive proof of the reservation and advance payment.
If the buyer does not pay on time, he is in default. If the buyer remains in default, the seller is entitled to suspend the obligations until the buyer has fulfilled his payment obligation.
If the buyer remains in default, the seller will proceed with collection. The costs related to this collection will be borne by the buyer. These collection costs are calculated on the basis of the Decree on compensation for extrajudicial collection costs.
In the event of liquidation, bankruptcy, attachment or suspension of payment of the buyer, the seller's claims on the buyer are immediately due and payable.
If the buyer refuses to cooperate in the execution of the order by the seller, he is still obliged to pay the agreed price to the seller.

Article 4 - Offers, quotations and price

Offers are without obligation, unless a term of acceptance is stated in the offer. If the offer is not accepted within that stated period, the offer will lapse.
Delivery times in quotations are indicative and do not entitle the buyer to termination or compensation if they are exceeded, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
Offers and quotations do not automatically apply to repeat orders. The parties must agree to this explicitly and in writing.
The price stated on offers, quotations and invoices consists of the purchase price including the VAT due and any other government levies.

Article 5 - Right of withdrawal

The consumer has the right to terminate the agreement within 14 days after receipt of the order without giving reasons (right of withdrawal). The period starts from the moment the (entire) order is received by the consumer.
There is no right of withdrawal if the products are tailor-made according to his specifications or have a short shelf life.
The consumer can use a withdrawal form from the seller. The seller is obliged to make this available to the buyer immediately after the buyer's request.
During the cooling-off period, the consumer will handle the product and packaging with care. He will only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether he wishes to keep the product. If he exercises his right of withdrawal, he will return the unused and undamaged product with all supplied accessories and - if reasonably possible - in the original shipping packaging to the seller, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur.

Article 6 - Changes to the agreement

If during the execution of the agreement it appears that it is necessary to change or supplement the work to be performed for the proper execution of the assignment, the parties will adjust the agreement accordingly in a timely manner and in mutual consultation.
If the parties agree that the agreement will be amended or supplemented, the time of completion of the execution may be affected. The seller will inform the buyer of this as soon as possible.
If the change or addition to the agreement has financial and/or qualitative consequences, the seller will inform the buyer of this in writing in advance.
If the parties have agreed on a fixed price, the seller will indicate to what extent the change or addition to the agreement will result in this price being exceeded.
Notwithstanding the provisions of the third paragraph of this article, the seller cannot charge additional costs if the change or addition is the result of circumstances that can be attributed to him.

Article 7 - Delivery and transfer of risk

As soon as the purchased item has been received by the buyer, the risk passes from seller to buyer.

Article 8 - Research and complaints

The buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods at the time of delivery, but in any case within the shortest possible period. This includes copper address for delivery). The Seller will contact the user by e-mail if necessary for the execution of the purchase in the online store, and via the contact telephone number only if there is a problem during the process of registration or making a purchase in the online store.

Implementation of the privacy policy

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the Seller has the protection of personal data in accordance with the Rules for the Protection of Personal Data.

All permanent or part-time employees of the Seller who have access to personal and other user information are familiar with the provisions of the Rules for the Protection of Personal Data and the duty to protect personal and other data, and are obliged to comply with these provisions regarding protecting the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of online store users. The obligation to protect personal and other data continues in time even after the relationship with the Seller has ended.

Registered users may stop using the online store at any time and may revoke their registration. By doing so, they must notify the Seller of the cancellation of the registration by means of a written statement. Before making a declaration of cancellation of registration, the User must settle all outstanding obligations arising from purchases made in the online store. The Seller will also protect the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of users of the online store under this Privacy Policy in the event of cancellation of registration.